Valentina Atton

As a child in the Ukraine, Valentina spent hours lying on the grass dreaming, cloud watching, playing with leaves, and identifying smells on the breath of the wind, She never realized these childhood activities were an indication of her future.

Her adult life took twists and turns, including phases she calls City Girl, Artistic Woman, taking her on adventures in Russia, Cyprus and Latvia.
Before she came to Canada in 1999, her life experiences had begun to merge into one path. Her early fascination with nature led to an interest in therapeutic healing arts as a way of continuing to maintain and improve her health and wellbeing. She was so impressed with the results of her own experiences and the information she gathered that she immediately began sharing them with family members and friends. This sharing became the beginning of a new way of life.
As a young woman she’d dreamed of living close to Mother Earth. This dream became reality when she moved to Pender Island. There, among the big rocks and trees, she began to create a garden, a tranquil healing space surrounding a tiny cottage that became White Tara.
Valentina, not just an Aromatherapist and Spa Practitioner, is following her dreams, creating a healing way of life.

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