What is Reiki?  
Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) is a Japanese word which describes many healing or holy methods. Reiki is also used world-wide to describe the Usui system of healing. Other branches of Reiki have evolved from this system.  

What is the Reiki energy?
Reiki is a high vibrational spiritual energy that is used for healing.  Reiki Masters believe that Reiki is made up of the Rei, which is highest spiritual energy or Universal energy, and Ki which is spirit, energy or life-force energies.  The most common definition of Reiki is therefore “Universal Life Energy“.  Some say that it is life force energy that animates all life.  Reiki is non-denominational.  

What is the Usui System of Reiki?
This was discovered by Mikao Usui in 1922. Whilst searching for a healing formula, Usui Sensei had a mystical experience. This provided the Reiki symbols – still used effectively today. 

How does Reiki work?
Your body is made up of energy.  This energy field around the body can now be seen with the help of Kirlian photography and other methods.  Scientists are discovering more about this fact every day in the fields of quantum and particle physics.  Scientists discovered a few years ago that, at the very basic level of particle physics, the intentions and expectations of the researcher can affect the way in which a particle behaves. In this same way, our thoughts and feelings affect our energy field. If we are feeling badly about ourselves or others, it is easy for us to internalize these feelings, causing blocks to our energy flow. Reiki practitioners use the energy to clear away those blockages.  

The energy field that surrounds the body is called the aura. Thoughts and feelings and other people’s energy that is affecting us shows up in the aura first. If it stays in this field for long enough, then it will move into the chakras, or energy centers, within the body. If the blocks remain in place in the chakras for long enough, then they can manifest physically in the form of an illness or disease. Reiki clears away the disruptive energies, or blockages, in the aura and the chakras to open up your body to all the energy to flow freely.

When you receive Reiki attunements from a qualified Reiki Master, you are automatically attuned to Universal Healing Energy. This can then be used for healing self/family/pets/animals/distant or world healing and can be sent in variety of fashions. In fact, it is not even necessary for a practitioner to be in the room with you in order to give you Reiki. You can receive Reiki while you are standing, sitting or lying down. In most instances, the practitioner will have you lie on a table, fully clothed, and close your eyes so that you can relax.

What can I expect in a Reiki treatment?
When you receive Reiki, you will feel a warmth coming from the practitioner’s hands. Some people also notice a tingling, swirling, or a buzzing sensation as well. It is all a matter of how you perceive energy as to what you will feel. The practitioner will move their hands to various locations as they feel called to do so and will work on clearing out any blockages which they may find.

At some times the practitioner may rest their hands lightly on your body and at other times they will hold their hands above your body. No physical manipulation of muscles or bones takes place and at no time will you be touched in uncomfortable or inappropriate areas. Many people find Reiki so relaxing that they will find themselves falling asleep on the table.

Sessions take from fifteen minutes to an hour and a half depending on the needs and desires of the client. You may determine the session length in advance or allow the practitioner to work until he/she feels that the treatment is complete.

What can Reiki be used to treat? 
For people suffering from a condition, ailment or disease, the process of clearing away the blockages which caused the problem can be instrumental in helping to heal it.

Even if no blockages are removed, the cleansing of the aura and introduction of the Reiki energy opens the body’s own energy flow. When the energy is flowing freely in your body, your body is more able to heal itself.

Another side to the energy of Reiki is the ability of Reiki to help us deal with and release emotional blockages – even ones that have been in place for years. For spiritual seekers who are looking to move to the next level, Reiki can help in finding and excising or integrating the blocks to our growth.

For people who have been through a traumatic event, Reiki can help us to move forward, release the fear and pain of the event, and find our balance again. It is not even necessary for the practitioner to know what the event was that caused the trauma for the energy of Reiki to help you heal from it.

How often is Reiki needed? 
The answer to this question varies from person to person and from situation to situation. Some people use Reiki for stress reduction, so it is usually suggested that they make a weekly or biweekly appointment for basic maintenance. Others are dealing with emotional issues and it may take one or several sessions to work through all of the aspects of the problem. This can be done over the course of days or weeks depending on how much time between sessions the person wants to process what was done in the session before.

Spiritual seekers have Reiki treatments periodically; when they are feeling blocked or out of balance as a way to support and spur their personal growth. And those with physical ailments come as often as necessary to address the issue. If you feel that you have the cold or flu coming on, then a Reiki treatment can help you to clear out the energy that is weighing you down and allowing the sickness to enter your system. In this way you can possibly avoid the illness or shorten it.

If you are dealing with a physical ailment of a more serious nature, then Reiki makes a nice compliment to other treatments that you are receiving. It provides you with extra energy to combat the ailment. Plus it is a place to relax and let go of your fears and anxieties relating to your health and your loved ones, if only for an hour, to allow yourself to rejuvenate and heal.