Foot Reflexology ($80.00)
Reflexology is a highly respected, ancient technique of applying pressure to stimulate the reflex areas of the feet. These areas correspond to specific organs, glands, other parts of the body, and the pressure increases blood circulation, releases blocked energy and promotes healing. This ancient healing art is deeply relaxing and energizing, providing a sense of well being. 

Ayurvedic Reflexology ($80.00)

Ayurvedic Reflexology is the dynamic combination of traditional Indian foot massage philosophy and techniques (padabhyanga) with traditional foot reflexology.
This treatment utilizes an energizing copper “Kasa” bowl and treats the critical ‘marma’ points of the body as well as reflex pressure points with specially blended Ayurvedic oils . An intense healing of the entire body is experienced while calling upon the hearts and minds of the therapist and client.