Hot Stone Massage Standard 

Allow 2½hrs
A supremely relaxing full body massage first with hands then with water heated smooth volcanic basalt stones massaged into key points on the body providing muscular relaxation and a peaceful harmony to the body, mind and spirit.

This treatment also involves the local application of chilled polished marble stones to stimulate the circulatory system, relieve muscles aches , spasms and inflammation. Semi precious stones, crystals, and Reiki energy are used for balancing the chacras, releasing blocked energy, aiding healing at a deep spiritual level. 

Hot Stone Massage Exquisite – $100.00 

Allow 3½hrs
Take our standard Hot Stone Massage and add a more comprehensive IRT guided meditation to restore a connection with your true self and, as a result, greatly increase the healing power of this extended session. Pure bliss. 

Swedish Massage 

This is a much more energetic and invigorating massage than the long restful aromatherapy massage. It is particularly good for increasing circulation, as preparation for exercise or to help alleviate muscle stiffness afterwards. Swedish Massage also involves much deeper manipulation of tense muscles, which may be momentarily uncomfortable, but which produces excellent results. 

Swedish massage does not generally include the face. 

Swedish Massage would normally employ a plain base oil as a medium; at Karoma however, you are welcome to have one of the lovely pre-blended Aromatherapy oils instead if you would prefer at no extra charge. 

Back and Shoulders 

Usually a 30 minute treatment, all concentrated on those tense areas. Ideal for those who sit hunched at a desk all day, those who spend too long in the car, mothers with offspring constantly perched on their hip, infact anyone active who has a busy life to get on with! 

Full Body 

A treatment of an hour or more, incorporating a 30min Back and Shoulder massage as above and also arms, hands, legs, feet and abdomen. You may wish to extend the duration of this treatment up to 90 mins at those times when almost everything aches.  Gentlemen in particular, or those of a muscular, larger or athletic build may find that indulging in a 90min treatment allows for a thorough massage that will really make a difference. 

A full body massage may be delivered in as little as 45 mins if you are conscious of time and do not have particularly knotted or tense areas.