Luxury Spa for your Feet


Our feet are our connection both to the Earth and to our Selves, they support us, alert us to imbalances in the rest of our body, and take us wherever we ask them to … Why not treat your feet to the loving care they so deserve with a luxury day spa package? 

This detoxification and reflexology spa is designed specifically for your feet: it will soften, tone, ease pain, improve flexibility, balance, open up blocked energy channels in our body, and say “thank you, feet” in ways that make a difference! 

Enjoy a relaxing soak in the foot spa tub to remove toxins and soften the ‘root’ of your body, followed by the stimulation of the acupressure points to release blocked energy. 

The Spa Package includes: 

  • Tour of the Facility 
  • Consultation during relaxing foot bath with rose petals and  Sea Flora® products (Soothing Sea Kelp Soak) 
  • Detoxification using the Platinum Energy System Detox Bath 
  • Extended Guided Meditation during the detox. phase 
  • Insight aromatherapy cards to assist in the selection of blended essential oils 
  • Ayurvedic Reflexology of the ‘Marma’ points, as well as traditional  reflexology and massage 

Expect to come away feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, after a pleasant combination of stimulating, yet calming, cleansing treatments. Allow 3 ½ hours    $95.00