Aromatherapy Facial    
Allow 2hrs   $70

Your face is beautifully unique! A specially chosen combination of essential oils, cleansers, gels and creams is applied to your face, giving it a radiant and glorious glow. It is followed by a special facial massage. Your neck and shoulders will be massaged as well. This treatment  eases  facial tension and leaves you with an increased sense of health and vibrancy. 

Chocolate Facial    Allow 2hrs   $70
This luxurious skin conditioning treatment features the ultra-hydrating properties of pure cocoa powder mixed with yogurt, oatmeal and honey with the exfoliating qualities of natural sugars. 

Your spirit is soothed and your skin is smooth and smelling yummy. The paste is removed with warm, moist towels and is followed by a facial massage. 

Sea Flora® Facial    
Allow 2hrs   $75

This facial treatment, combining the benefits of Fresh Wild Seaweeds, pure essential oils, glacial clay and powerful anti-oxidants, improves skin tone and texture, reduces toxins and calms redness due to rosacea or acne. It replenishes the skin with essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients and moisture. It, also, brightens the skin and activates development of new youthful skin cells.

The protocol of the Sea Flora Facial includes cleansing, exfoliating, applying masque, massage, and moisturizing, using the SEA FLORA WILD ORGANIC SEEWEED SKIN CARE PRODUCT.

Hot aromatic towels are used for wrapping your face and shoulders before and after of each product application.

Experience the richest seaweed skin care in the world…

Experience Sea Flora.