Body Wraps

Receive nourishment from the earth’s treasure chest
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All of our luxurious full body wraps are provided with an individually blended combination of botanical minerals, herbs and trace elements that are immersed in thermal waters. Known for their healing properties, these natural ingredients will rejuvenate your body by mineralizing, exfoliating, stimulating and detoxifying your skin while improving your circulation. The treatment will be followed by aromatherapy massage using custom blended essential oils, and the application of organic aloe vera gels and creams to moisturize the skin. These wraps reveal a new glow to your skin. Expect to come away feeling refreshed, rejuvenated,  beautifully cleansed and pampered. 

The Black Baltic Mud Wrap ($80) frees skin of environmental stress and toxins, with a centuries-old curative. It is blended from the organic, fresh water silts of European black mud and has long been known to improve skin texture and extract impurities that damage and weaken the skin. This intricate mixture of elements promotes cell oxygenation while deeply hydrating the skin. Regular use imparts freshness, firmness and uniformity to the epidermis.

The European Rose Mud Wrap ($80) is the ultimate for skin, refining and extremely hydrating. It is perfectly suited for dry, delicate, weathered or aged skin. This remarkable mud contains soothing Rose Clay powders extracted from Provence, France. Sun-dried to retain its purity, the clay is infused with deeply hydrating Apricot and Wheat Amino Acid. This mud is very hydrating and nourishing for the skin and is followed by our traditional aromatherapy massage with blended essential oils. 

The West Coast Seaweed Wrap ($80).  Organic seaweed is collected from the west coast and dried for this purpose under ideal conditions. It is then made into a soft paste and spread over the entire body. You are then cocooned inside a warm, relaxing wrap while nature does her best for your skin. This soothing treatment is followed by a cleansing shower and divine aromatherapy massage.

The Organic Chocolate Paste Wrap ($80). Experience the luxury of an organic chocolate paste body wrap which could be called the ultimate beauty treatment for your body. We all know that 60% of what you put on your skin gets absorbed into it – but who knew chocolate was so good for you? Well, the Mayans and Aztecs did as they learned, very early on, the hydrating and healing properties of cocoa butter. This balm has since become a staple remedy for healing chapped skin and easing sunburn.



ROBIN: re the Choc. Wrap: I wrote a great epistle to you about chocolate … I think you have edited it down to the above omitting the way it’s mixed etc. Can  you please send it  back to me so that I can add it IF YOU WANT ME TO? The “tone” of this description is different from the other three – I think because you wrote it (I Know it’s your favourite … do you have a chocolate obsession???)