Body Wraps/Scrubs

The Organic Chocolate Paste Wrap ($130.00)

Experience the luxury of an organic chocolate paste body wrap which could be called the ultimate beauty treatment for your body. We all know that 60% of what you put on your skin gets absorbed into it – but who knew chocolate was so good for you? Well, the Mayans and Aztecs did as they learned, very early on, the hydrating and healing properties of cocoa butter. This balm has since become a staple remedy for healing chapped skin and easing sunburn.


Remineralizing Dead Sea Salt Scrub ($120.00)

Dead Sea mineral salts are rehydrated and massaged onto the skin to exfoliate, detoxify and stimulate, and to provide complete enhancement to skin health. Hot moist towels are used to remove the salt. This treatment is followed by aromatherapy massage, applying organic aloe vera gel and cream to moisturize the skin. A new glow is revealed.