The Best Essential Oils For Virgo (August 22 – September 22)

Virgo is the worrier of the zodiac, fighting off mini meltdowns on an almost hourly basis. An overworked mind can be soothed by ylang-ylang, lemon, rose, and vetiver. Maybe because of their stress levels, they can also be prone to colds and flu. Citrus oils, eucalyptus, and peppermint are all useful oils to keep handy to help soothe cold symptoms.

Ylang-ylang is uplifting / aphrodisiac, stress & anxiety relief, exquisite perfume oil. It has rich sweet-floral scent. Ylang-Ylang blends well with jasmine, rose, sandalwood & vetivert. Bath: 5-10 drops. Vaporiser: 3-5 drops. Body & massage: 
5 drops/10ml base oil. Tips: A heady & sophisticated sensual perfume: may also be used to scent cloth.

Vetiver Java is known in India as the Oil of Tranquility, due to its outstanding soothing quality. It has dry, earthy-woody scent. Vetiver Java blends well with: sandalwood, rose, jasmine & ylang ylang. Bath: 5-10 drops. Vaporiser: 3-5 drops. Body & massage: 
5 drops/10ml base oil.
Tip: A deeply relaxing oil.

Lemon is purifying / refreshing, excellent detox aid, toning & stimulating oil. It has light, refreshing citrus scent. Lemon oil Blends well with: neroli, petitgrain, bergamot & other citrus oils. Bath: 5-10 drops. Vaporiser: 3-5 drops. Body & massage: 
5 drops/10ml base oil.
Tip: Makes a pleasing uplifting room fragrance which helps concentration.

Rose is heart-warming, sensual: excellent skin care oil, very mild, safe oil. It has sweet, soft-floral scent. Rose oil blends well with: lavender, jasmine, geranium & chamomile. Perfume: apply direct. Tips: Comforting to the heart & nourishing for the soul, rose perfume helps soothe grief, heart-ache & disappointment, whilst promoting joy & happiness.

Eucalyptus essential oil has fresh-camphor scent. It blends well with lemon, lavender, rosemay & thyme. Eucalyptus essential oil is penetrating / clearing, helps prevent airborne infection, facilitates breathing. Gargles of a few drops of eucalyptus oil mixed with warm water are effective in treating sore throats.

Peppermint essential oil has fresh grassy-minty scent. It blends well with: rosemary, lavender, marjoram and citrus oils. Peppermint essential oil is cooling and refreshing. It helps breathe easily and good for colds and chills.

Safety: Do not take internally; avoid contact with eyes; seek advice if pregnant; not suitable for babies; store away from children.

Our quality essential oils are researched, gathered, quality tested and packaged by the Julia Lawless/Aqua Oleum company in the UK and distributed in British Columbia by Nigel Strike
(1-800-932-7531), registered aromatherapist and the owner of Natura Trading Aromatherapy, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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