The Best Essential Oils For Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Crabbies experience tricky digestion sometimes, probably because of all those secrets they swallow down and brood over, which can be helped by peppermint, chamomile, and fennel. Being ruled by the Moon can make them moody and unpredictable, a tidal force of emotion. Calming, steadying oils such as lavender, patchouli, and neroli are the MVPs (most valuable players) for leveling off those mood swings.

Peppermint essential oil has a fresh grassy-minty scent. It blends well with rosemary, lavender, marjoram, and citrus oils. Peppermint essential oil is cooling and refreshing. It helps breathe easily and it is good for colds and chills.

Chamomile Roman oil has a sweet-fruity, apple-like scent. It blends well with lavender, bergamot, clary sage & geranium. Chamomile Roman is relaxing/soothing, aids restful sleep, good for sensitive skin. Bath: 5-10 drops. Vaporizer: 3-5 drops. Body & massage:
 5 drops/10ml base oil. Both roman & blue chamomile is suitable for children in low dilutions.

Chamomile Blue oil has an intense grassy-herbaceous scent. It blends well with: lavender, rose Maroc, yarrow & geranium. Chamomile Blue is anti-inflammatory, relaxing/soothing, valuable for skincare. Bath: 5-10 drops. Vaporizer: 3-5 drops. Body & massage:
 5 drops/10ml base oil. A very safe, mild oil that can be used for children & during pregnancy in low dilutions (see safety guidelines).

Fennel Sweet oil has a sweet, anise-like scent. It blends well with geranium, rose, lavender & spice oils. Bath: 5-10 drops. Fennel Sweet oil is purifying / invigorating and it helps eliminate toxins, toning, and stimulating. Vaporizer: 3-5 drops. Body & massage: 
5 drops/10ml base oil. Similar to aniseed in odor & effect.

The lavender essential oil has a familiar, sweet-floral scent. It blends well with geranium, rose, chamomile & palmarosa. Lavender essential oil is relaxing and soothing, invaluable for skincare, versatile remedy. Put a few drops on your pillow for restful sleep – may also be used for children / or rub a few drops into soles of the feet prior to retiring. May also be used neat as a perfume and to scent household linen etc.

Patchouli oil has an exotic, sweet-rich scent. It blends well with vetivert, sandalwood, clove, and oriental oils. Patchouli oil has restorative/sensual, traditional aphrodisiac, apply as perfume. Bath: 5-10 drops. Vaporizer: 3-5 drops. Body & massage:
 5 drops/10ml base oil. The favored ‘hippy’ perfume – may also be used to scent cloth.

Neroli oil has intensely rich, floral perfume. It blends well with citrus oils, lavender, jasmine & petitgrain. Neroli is an exquisite perfume, good for skincare, uplifting/soothing. Bath: 5-7 drops. Vaporizer: 3-5 drops. Body & massage:
 5 drops/10ml base oil. Also, effectively used in lower dilutions, e.g. for facial oils. The best ‘de-stress perfume: uplifts the spirits but is very soothing for the nerves!

Our quality essential oils are researched, gathered, quality tested and packaged by the Julia Lawless/Aqua Oleum company in the UK and distributed in British Columbia by Nigel Strike
(1-800-932-7531), registered aromatherapist and the owner of Natura Trading Aromatherapy, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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